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BLESS Agri-Food Laboratory services PLC is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory established by the joint venture of Ethiopian and French investors in 2011. Bless serves as one of the Country’s focal conformity assessment body specializing in testing, product certification, inspection and training services on agri-food items.


To be the region’s most trusted partner for Quality Assurance of food, food allied and agricultural products.


To exceed our customers’ expectations professionally with timely, comprehensive and reliable services in Testing, Inspection, Certification & trainings for their operations, supply chain, exports and imports.


Our 6 Core Values



we are honest by being true to ourselves and approach our surroundings in the same way.



we are responsible when acting with respect for the interests of all our stakeholders in mind. We are at all times accountable for our actions.



we are entrepreneurial by constantly seeking new opportunities and ways to improve and succeed.



we are passionate by believing and taking pride in what we do. We influence our surroundings internally and externally with energy that shows we care about our job, coworkers and customers.



we are efficient by taking the necessary time to do our work properly as thorough preparation takes us a big step towards our goals. Once the decision has been taken, we execute fast and communicate accurately.


Customer centered service

we want to have the best kind of business, for this, we must treat our customers with care in a new and professional way to increase customer loyalty and with it, profitability.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Our objective is to manage a long-term, profitable business while taking into account all the positive and negative environmental, social and economic effects we have on society. To reach this objective, we ensure we have a system built that involves the people, community and environment. We combine a top-down and bottom-up approach to embedding social responsibility and accountability.

We are always watchful of our impacts in the environment so we are highly conscious of our waste management. With the help of professional consultants with vast knowledge in the field, our waste management has been studied and arranged in a way to protect the environment and the community.

We believe in mentorship. The future generation needs better education and expertise. This is why BLESS has made 20 % discount on all its services for students. Furthermore, BLESS has become a practical learning place for university students where they see a world class set up of a laboratory with state of the art equipments and learn. Some equipments that are found in BLESS are not available in any facility in Ethiopia, hence, BLESS provides a unique learning experience.

We are proud to be part of the development of our community. The Legetafo area is a small town in the out skirt of Addis. The town has so many challenges in building roads, job creation and many more. Bless contributes to the development of this community by building roads and giving a job preference for qualified people in the community.


We measure our impacts by the level of quality awareness in the country, by the number of conscious consumers demanding quality products, by the better price demands and standard Ethiopian produce are seen, by the growing number of agricultural exports with less rejects in the global market in general by the added value of desired level of quality and safety of products, assets and processes our customers achieve to protect their brands and enable their success in the global marketplace. Impacts of a Food Laboratory in an agrarian economy like Ethiopia has several spin off effects.

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Lege Tafo, Oromia, Ethiopia

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