Product Certification

Product certification from BLESS – ensures that your products are in compliance with the regulations of the countries that you want to operate in.

List Of Certified Companies

Certificate NoCompany NameAddressName of productSpecificationstatus
BPCU10002MFG PLCLegatafo,OromiaBottled waterCES 99With drawn
BPCU10003Zebym trading PLCSendafa,OromiaMelkam Purified Bottled WaterCES 99Active
BPCU10005Petram PLCSebeta,OromiaMeaza Mango fruit drinkES 6712Active
BPCU10006Zebym trading PLCSendafa,OromiaMelkam HibiscusCES 235Active
BPCU10007Zebym trading PLCSendafa,OromiaMelkam MoringaCES 53Active
BPCU10008Zebym trading PLCSendafa,OromiaMelkam Passion fruitCES 235Active
BPCU10012Bright manufacturing tradining Sendafa Legebarist,OromiaHope water CES 99Active
BPCU10015Neri manufacturing PLC Sebeta, Awass,OromiaLiyu bottled waterCES 99Suspended
BPCU10018Health Care Food Manufacturers SCkality, Addis AbabaTena Sunflower OilCES 17Active
BPCU10020Fedawak PLC Burayu,OromiaGold WaterCES 99Active
BPCU10021Health Care Food Manufacturers SCkality, Addis AbabaTena Soyabean OilCES 244Active
BPCU10024Rongyi Ethiopia Edible Oil Industrial PLCDukemGolden full soyabean oilCES 244Active
BPCU10025Soda Kind Soft Drink Manufacturing PLCDire dawaAlfurat Iodized salt CES 70Active
BPCU10026Kok Manufacturing plc DukemBobo Milk drinkES 6633 Active
BPCU10027BBZ foods manufacturing S.CoLegatafo,OromiaDora- soybean oil CES 244Active
BPCU10028MB MilkLafto,Addis AbabaUHT MilkCES 281Active
BPCU10029Arti Craft industries PLC DukemTena Sunflower oilCES 17Active
BPCU10030Arti Craft industries PLC DukemTena Soybean oil CES 244Active
BPCU10031Komari Beverage industry Checki, DebrebirhanApple flavor ready to drink AlcoholES 6402Active
BPCU10032Komari Beverage industry Checki, Debrebirhanlemon flavor ready to drink AlcoholES 6402Active
BPCU10033Komari Beverage industry Checki, Debrebirhanpineapple flavor ready to drink AlcoholES 6402Active
BPCU10034Komari Beverage industry Checki, DebrebirhanGinger flavor ready to drink AlcoholES 6402Active
BPCU10041Miawa Spring Water PLC Menagesha, OromiaMiawa Spring WaterCES 99Active
BPCU10042Estifanos Hailu processing fruits and vegetables Akaki kality, Addis AbabaYami Mango fruit drink ES 6712Active
BPCU10043AATF PLCTatek, BurayuShare water CES 99Active
BPCU10044Jiren PLC Jimma,OromiaAqua JimmaCES 99Active
BPCU10046Sendelet Food Processing PLCBurayuO Mango fruit drinkES 6712Active
BPCU10047Sendelet Food Processing PLCBurayuO Apple juiceES2852-2Active
BPCU10048Quarit Agro Industry Bahidar,AhmaraSuper cereal corn soya blend plusCES 139Active
BPCU10049MF Edible Oil ManufacturingAdamaSelam Iodized salt CES 70Active
BPCU10050EFCC Soft Drinks Industries PLCBishoftu,Oromia Max Pineapple carbonatedsoft drinkCES 53Active
BPCU10051EFCC Soft Drinks Industries PLCBishoftu,OromiaMax Orange carbonatedsoft drinkCES 53Active
BPCU10052EFCC Soft Drinks Industries PLCBishoftu,OromiaMax Green apple carbonatedCES 53Active
BPCU10053EFCC Soft Drinks Industries PLCBishoftu,OromiaMax Grapes Carbonated Soft drinkCES 53Active
BPCU10054EFCC Soft Drinks Industries PLCBishoftu,OromiaMax lemon tonic waterCES 53Active
BPCU10055EFCC Soft Drinks Industries PLCBishoftu,OromiaMax white peach tonic waterCES 53Active
BPCU10057QUINYING YANGSebeta,OromiaYOYO Mango fruit drinkES 6712Active
BPCU10059QUINYING YANGSebeta,OromiaYOYO Orange fruit drinkES 6712Active
BPCU10060QUINYING YANGSebeta,OromiaYOYO Guava fruit drinkES 6712Active
BPCU10062Abay international PLCAkaki kality, Addis AbabaSuper cereal corn soya blend plusCES 139Active
BPCU10063Kidan industrial PLCAkaki kality, Addis AbabaSuper cereal corn soya blend plusCES 139Active
BPCU10064FAFFA food share companyAkaki kality, Addis AbabaSuper cereal corn soya blend plusCES 139Active
BPCU10066Emmy Edible OilChecki, DebrebirhanEmmy Edible soyabean OilCES 244Active
BPCU10068Faris Kemal ( Mehdiya legacy Industries)Sebeta,Oromia4U-Flavored carbonated Soft drinkCES 53Active
BPCU10069Abidan dairy & beverages manufacturing PLCMenagesha, Oromia.Purified bottled waterCES 99Active
BPCU10070Coxi beverages manufacturing plcDukemV8 Mango fruit drinkES 6712Active
BPCU10071Coxi beverages manufacturing plcDukemV8 strawberry fruit drink ES 6712Active
BPCU10076Zebym trading PLCSendafa,OromiaBITI ORANGECES 235Active
BPCU10077 Berta and his familyAsko, Addis AbabaBerta ButterES 3469Active
BPCU10080Amco Foods and BeverageBishoftu,OromiaMuumo flavored milk drinkES 6633 Active
BPCU10081Arti Craft industries PLC DukemTena RapeSeed OilCES 13Active
BPCU10083Koki Milk Manufacturing PLCDukemBobo Milk DrinkES 6633Active
BPCU10084Giftii foods packaging PLCSaris, Addis AbabaGiftii refined SunflowerCES 17Active
BPCU10087Giftii foods packaging PLCSaris, Addis AbabaGiftii palm oilCES 245Active
BPCU10088Hassen Ahmed Muhe Table Salt Manufacturing kolfe Keranio, Addis AbabaBashaatuu Iodized salt CES 70Active
BPCU10089Duoley food processing PLCSidama, HawasaYoli flavored non carbonated soft drinkCES 53Active
BPCU10090Ehfat dairy PLCSaris , Addis AbabaPausterized MilkCES 279Active
BPCU10092Stay Healthy Food Manufacturing PLCAkaki kality, Addis AbabaNisuh niger seed oilCES 20Active
BPCU10097Ephrates Edible Oil Factory Gonder,AmharaEphrates Niger Seed OilCES 20Active