Product Certification

Product certification from BLESS – ensures that your products are in compliance with the regulations of the countries that you want to operate in.

Service overview

Under the umbrella of our accredited laboratory, Bless Product Certification Unit was established to give product certification for food, beverage and water products in its state-of-the-art facility by ascertaining our esteemed clients’ samples conformance to the Ethiopian Standard Agency’s Compulsory Ethiopian Standards (CES). The Unit has come to function after it has been delegated by Ethiopian Standards Agency as a private conformity assessment.

Bless Product Certification Unit is responsible for ensuring that locally manufactured food, dairy products, beverages and water products in Ethiopia give the required degree of satisfaction to consumers through compliance with mandatory and voluntary Ethiopian Standards. The purpose is to promote global competitiveness among domestic manufacturers and encourage continual improvement on the quality of products in line with the statutory obligation of the Ethiopian standards and giving clients’ confidence in their products and helping them gain access to global markets.

Product Certification in general terms the process of certifying that a product conforms to the requirements stipulated in the relevant specifications or standards. As a body being delegated by Ethiopian Standards Agency (ESA), Bless Product Certification is carried out through conformity assessment which is an activity concerned with determining directly or indirectly that a process, product or service fulfills relevant requirements.

To this end, Bless Product Certification Unit offers certification services including factory inspections, auditing and certification, batch testing and full compliance testing.

Fruits And Vegetables

Banana, citrus fruits, cucumber, fresh Apple, Fresh Apricot, Fresh peach, lemon, lime, strawberry, Mandarin and Tangerine, Tomato ,pineapple , Grapefruit ,Table grapes, Asparagus, Carrot, Garlic, Leeks,  Lettuce , Onion , Potatoes, Green Peas Dry, Whole Peas ,Dry Chick Pea, Dry Split Peas, Pulses; lentils, Grading of Beans etc


Alcoholic drinks, Cellar beer, Beer Natural Wines, Vermouth, Cellar Beer, Natural Citrus Juice, Orange, (In Sealed Containers) , Nectars of Certain Citrus Fruits Fruit Cordials, Fruit Squashes, Fruit Syrups soft drinks etc…

Water Types

Packaged mineral water, packed drinking water, Drinking water, Bottled Drinking water


Edible oils, Rapeseed oil , maize oil, sesame seed oil , groundnut oil , sunflower oil , linseed oil , cottonseed oil , Niger seed oil , Edible vegetable oil , Oils seeds (specification and method of packing)

Other Tests

Edible iodized Salt, Sweet Pepper, General Standard for Prepackaged Food Labeling, Canned Fruits and Vegetables

List Of Certified Companies

Sr.NoProduct TypeCompany NameAddress
1Niger Seed OilBees General Trading PLCOromia, Dukem
2Packed Mineral Water MGF industries PLCOromia, Lege Tafo
3Purified Bottled WaterZebym Trading PLCOromia, Legebarist
4Carbonated Bottled WaterZebym Trading PLCOromia, Legebarist
5Mango JuiceSebeta Industria ComplexOromia, Sebeta
6Hibiscus Soft DrinkZebym Trading PLCOromia, Legebarist
7Melkam MoringaZebym Trading PLCOromia, Legebarist
8Melkam Passion FruitZebym Trading PLCOromia, Legebarist
9Mahi Mango Soft DrinkZebym Trading PLCOromia, Legebarist
10Purified Bottled WaterBright Manufacturing Trading PLCOromia, Sendafa Legebarist
11Tomato PasteIndut Industrial PLCOromia, Gelan
12Twins Mango JuiceSadura Food Processing Plant PLCOromia, Legetafo Legedadi
13Purified Bottled WaterNeri Manufacturing PLCOromia, Sebeta, Awass
14Tena Sunflower OilHealth Care Manufacturing PLCAddis Ababa, Akaki
15Purified Bottled WaterFeda Wak PLC ( Gold Water )Oromia, Burayu
16Soyabean OilHealth Care Manufacturing PLCAddis Ababa, Akaki
17Soyabean OilBiruk Abebe Food oil Factory & Exporter
Oromia, Adama
18Cotton Seed OilTimir Taim Food Manufacturing PLCAddis Ababa, Yeka
19Soyabean OilRongy Ethiopia Edible Oil Industrial PLCOromia, Dukem
20Iodized SaltSoda King Soft Drink Manufacturing PlCDire Dawa
21Milk DrinkKOK Milk Manufacturing PLCOromia, Dukem,
22Soyabean OilBBZ Food Manufacturing S.COromia, Legetafo Legedadi
23UHT MilkMB PLCAddis Abeba, Nifas Silk Lafto
24Corn Soy Blend Plus Quarit Agro Industry PLCAmhara, Bahirdar
25Best Iodized SaltBest Iodized Salt PLCAmhara, Bahirdar
26Apple Komari BeveragesAmhara, Debrebirhan, Cheki
27LimeKomari BeveragesAmhara, Debrebirhan, Cheki
28Pineapple Grape FruitPineapple Grape FruitAmhara, Debrebirhan, Cheki
29Corn Soy Blend PlusFaffa Food Share Company Addis Ababa, Akaki
30Purified Bottled WaterAATF PLCOromia, Burayyu
31Mango Fruit DrinkSendelet Food Processing PLC Oromia, Burayyu
32Apple JuiceSendelet Food Processing PLCOromia, Burayyu
33Mango Juice Kiman Bross Processing Fruit And Vegetable Addis Ababa, Akaki kality
34EFCC Soft Drinks Industries PLCPineapple carbonatedsoft drinkPlcka Jima, Bishoftu, Oromia Ethiopia
35EFCC Soft Drinks Industries PLCOrange carbonatedsoft drink Plcka Jima, Bishoftu, Oromia Ethiopia
36EFCC Soft Drinks Industries PLCGreen apple carbonatedPlcka Jima, Bishoftu, Oromia Ethiopia
37EFCC Soft Drinks Industries PLCGrapes carbonatedsoft drinkPlcka Jima, Bishoftu, Oromia Ethiopia
38EFCC Soft Drinks Industries PLClemon tonic waterPlcka Jima, Bishoftu, Oromia Ethiopia
39EFCC Soft Drinks Industries PLCwhite peach tonic waterPlcka Jima, Bishoftu, Oromia Ethiopia
40ARTICRAFTS Industries PLC Soya bean oilDukem, Oromiya, Ethiopia
41ARTICRAFTS Industries PLC Sunflower oilDukem, Oromiya, Ethiopia
42ARTICRAFTS Industries PLC Rapeseed oilDukem, Oromiya, Ethiopia
43Komari Beverage industry Pineapple Alcoholic drinkChecki, Debrebirhan, Ethiopia
44COXI Beverages Manufacturing PLCMango fruit drinkDukem, Oromiya, Ethiopia
45COXI Beverages Manufacturing PLCStrawberry Fruit drinkDukem, Oromiya, Ethiopia
46AMCO Foods And BeverageMilk drinkDukem, Oromiya, Ethiopia
47GIFTI Foods And Packaging PLCPalm olein Kality ,Addis Abeba Ethiopia
48HASSEN AHMED MUHE TABLE SALT MANUFACTURING Iodoized table saltAddis Abeba Ethiopia
49MF Oil Manufacturing Iodoized table saltAdama Oromiya, Ethiopia
50Rongyi Ethiopia Edible Oil Industrial PLCSoya bean oilDukem, Oromiya, Ethiopia
51Miawa Import & Export PLC Purified Bottle WaterMenagesha ,Oromiya, Ethiopia
52JIREN PLCPurified Bottle WaterJima,Oromiya, Ethiopia
53ZEBYM Trading PLCOrange carbonated soft drink Legedadi,Oromiya, Ethiopia
54Sendelet Food Processing PLCMango fruit drinkTatek , Oromiya, Ethiopia
55Abay International PLCCSBKality ,Addis Abeba Ethiopia
56Kidan Industrial PLCCSBKality ,Addis Abeba Ethiopia
57Abidan Dairy & Beverages Manufacturing PLCPurified Bottle WaterMenagesha ,Oromiya, Ethiopia
58BERTA & His Family PLCButter Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
59DUOLEY Food Processing PLCNon- carbonated Soft DrinkYirgalem, Sidama, Ethiopia
60Ehfat Dairy PLCPasteurized Milk Saris ,Addis Abeba, Ethiopia